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December 6, 2021

How should 4D cinema choose high-quality 4D seats?

How should 4D cinema choose high-quality 4D seats?


In a 4D dynamic cinema, 4D seats are the key product, so the effect of watching 4D movies in a 4D dynamic cinema depends largely on the seats. Therefore, how to choose 4D cinema seats is a concern for many cinema chains, cinema franchisees and audience customers. Of course, 4D dynamic cinema environment special effects equipment is also essential.  

In fact, there are many subtle skills in choosing a 4D seat. Shuqee Technology has compiled some key points on how to choose a 4D seat for your reference and avoid falling into misunderstandings. The following are 3 basic ways to distinguish 4D cinema seats:

1. Appearance

Appearance styling is an important part of 4D seat design, and the pleasing styling will definitely be loved by the audience. In the case of beautiful appearance, the next thing to look at is the quality of the seat.

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2. Experience

It is recommended that you can sit on the 4D seat, feel the comfort of the seat, and know whether the backrest design conforms to ergonomic principles. The second important part is the quality of the sponge. Generally, the better quality 4D seats use cold-haired high-resilient sponge, which has better elasticity and comfortable sitting. On the contrary, the hot-haired sponge has poor quality and cannot stand the test of time and rebound speed. Slow, poor sitting feeling. Many people who don’t know about it use subjective feelings when buying, and feel that the quality is good when it feels harder. This is very unscientific. In fact, it is just the opposite. This kind of sponge is only strong to the touch, but the density is actually very low. Talc powder is used to increase the weight, and the touch is extremely bad, so it is not recommended.


3. Spring

In order to save costs, some manufacturers on the market usually choose cheap products instead. The consequence of this is that the quality of the 4D seats is seriously affected. Regular manufacturers, such as Shuqee Technology, choose better springs to ensure the quality of the finished products. At present, the latest and most durable turning method is gravity rebound. This kind of cushion that revolves by gravity has a guaranteed quality and a service life of up to ten years.

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Next, we will introduce the problem of sitting posture. A reasonable sitting posture can greatly improve the comfort of 4D seats.

1) Sitting position

The thighs and calves maintain an angle of 90° to 100°, the upper body and the thighs maintain an angle of 90° to 100°, and the upper arm and forearm maintain an angle of 90° to 100° when working. This is the standard best sitting posture, forming three 90-degree center points.

2) Cushion

For the 4D seat, a good cushion means high cost. The high-end cushion is thick and reliable, with good touch, obvious concave curve, good heat dissipation, and comfortable sitting feeling.

3) Backrest curve

The backrest design of the 4D theater seats is very particular. If the backrest part of the chair is not firmly in contact, the noise will be obvious after the superposition of the 4D special effects. Such a chair is not only of poor quality, but also has poor safety. Also, the height of the backrest should be freely adjustable and flexible.

4) Lifting

The lifting problem of the 4D seat directly affects the quality of the seat. If you feel that the lifting is blocked during use, you must contact the manufacturer of the 4D seat in time to solve it. Shuqee Technology provides professional one-stop after-sales service and responds quickly. So you have no worries.

5) Chair feet

The legs of the 4D seat focus on stability, so choosing a leg design with more ground contact surface will be safer and firmer.

6) Base

In the 4D dynamic cinema, the good base is made of stainless steel or aluminum alloy structure, if the bad one is made of ordinary engineering plastic material, it is also not recommended.

7) Description

When purchasing, you must consult whether it contains the product manual or it is best to have a professional technical staff to explain it. After purchasing the product, perform maintenance in accordance with the requirements to ensure safety during use. Shuqi Technology's 4D seats and related equipment are equipped with product certificates and warranty cards, etc., and more professional technical engineers and after-sales service personnel communicate and follow up at any time, respond quickly, serve the highest, and are the choice of confidence.


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