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April 29, 2021

"Immersive experience"-Shuqee

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Actually, the immersive experience is the use of certain specific equipment and lights to induce human sensory and cognitive experience, and integrate it into the scene. The early immersive experience is more like VR and so on. High technology is linked together, but it is now used by all walks of life. The sense of technology and fantasy is full of immersive feelings. For example, the recent rise of immersive haunted houses and escape rooms has led to the establishment of 4D movies and other projects.


Why does everyone like "immersive experience" now?

Excellent immersive experience work will make people break away from the real world and feel the alternation of the present. You don't need to go 20,000 meters deep into the sea to appreciate the mysteries of the deep sea. When the screen splashes, you can not only feel the water splashing out of the screen through the glasses. In this way, the immersive experience is a close combination of on-site special effects and plot, coupled with special equipment such as Shuqi 4D seats, creating an environment consistent with the movie content, allowing the audience to experience multiple physical senses through visual experience . , Smell, hearing and touch. The new entertainment effect brought by the movie is immersive, exciting and exciting, and it is very popular.

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The new trend of "immersive experience" in the future

Behind the immersive experience is the changing needs of today's consumers. With the general improvement of people's consumption level and the diversification of consumer demand, many people are no longer satisfied with closing business, and pay more attention to the freshness, experience and interaction of cultural and tourism activities, and the experience economy has become a reality. 

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The rapid development of technology provides strong support for immersive experience. Nowadays, various gorgeous light and shadow shows and starry sky shows have become popular choices for people's leisure consumption to meet different consumer needs. These immersive experience projects are springing up in parks, shopping malls and cultural pavilions.


In the long run, immersive experience projects still have room for iterative upgrades. Based on many years of experience, Shuqi believes that in addition to the two elements of story design and film and television lens changes, it is especially necessary to work hard on the design of 4D equipment actions, the timing of special effects triggering, and the optimization of the experience. This is also the reason that Shuqi has always Adhering to the concept of independent research and development and innovation, only by immersing the senses of tourists in a variety of wonderful atmospheres can we truly meet people's needs for happiness and provide better cultural tourism services.

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